Monday, January 17, 2005

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson :

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Rolling Stone - Dec 17 12:44 PM
MARIAH CAREY, ASHANTI and WYNONNA JUDD will perform on the two-hour ABC holiday special Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade on December 25th, set to broadcast from Disney World in Florida . . . ASHLEE SIMPSON will sing during halftime at the Orange Bowl on January 4th in Miami . . .
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    Teen Music - Dec 15 10:05 AM
    As tickets for many stops on her inaugural headlining tour begin to hit the market, pop singer Ashlee Simpson's schedule has undergone some tweaks. The tour's start, which was originally planned for early February in her home state of Texas, is now set for Feb. 18 in the Los Angeles area.

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    E! Online via Yahoo! News - Dec 16 1:00 PM
    Ashlee Simpson could soon be doing her patented hoedown at a venue near you.

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    [Press Release] PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance - Dec 15 9:02 AM
    Ashlee Simpson is planning a "La La" - palooza of her own, as the three times platinum-selling Geffen Records artist readies her first U.S. headlining tour set to launch next February.

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    Net Music Countdown - Dec 15 10:05 PM
    Simpson on The Tonight Show Dec. 17.

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    Yahoo! Launch News - Dec 16 2:44 PM
    Ashlee Simpson (news) could soon be doing her patented hoedown at a venue near you. The pop star has unveiled plans for her first headlining tour, which will feature her performing live--or so she promises--in 35 cities across North America.

  • Ashlee's dad bans lesbian scenes Open this result in new window - Dec 16 11:17 AM
    Pop beauty Ashlee Simpson's manager and father Joe has changed the gay plot in her movie debut Wannabe, because he's uncomfortable with his daughter playing a lesbian.

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    Rolling Stone - Dec 17 12:58 PM
    With Ashlee Simpson offering the latest proof that reality TV can lift singers from nowhere to Number One, Missy Elliott, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and the surviving members of INXS are among a growing group of artists kicking off new series in 2005.

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    Contactmusic - Dec 13 9:53 AM
    Pop rocker ASHLEE SIMPSON can finally put her October (04) lip-synching scandal behind her, after performing several live songs at an AOL MUSIC LIVE concert last week (ends10DEC04).

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    Rolling Stone - Dec 14 12:29 PM
    ASHLEE SIMPSON will host the West Coast arm of ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2005 , with talk show host REGIS PHILBIN filling in for the ailing DICK CLARK in New York's Times Square.

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    Teen Music - Dec 14 7:35 AM
    Ashlee Simpson actually performed live last week.

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    Detroit News - Dec 15 10:53 PM
    The question isn't whether Lindsay Lohan reinvents guitar rock with her debut album, "Speak," because, let's face it, Ashlee Simpson already has. The question is whether the songs will make good music beds for future episodes of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," and the answer is yes.

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    Kansas City Star - Dec 15 3:09 PM
    Those eyes. That hair. Who cares if Ryan Cabrera can sing? Of course, he can – just like his ex-girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson. Cabrera is on the Jingle Jam 6 concert bill tonight at the Uptown Theater.

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    Houston Press - Dec 15 12:59 PM
    If we at Night & Day knew that you could drink your way to a better society, then by our math, we would've already found a cure for cancer, homelessness and Ashlee Simpson. The folks at the Houston Margarita Society have been getting elegantly wasted for a good cause for 25 years.

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    Fashion Wire Daily via Yahoo! News - Dec 14 11:36 AM
    Fashion Wire Daily December 14, 2004 - NEW YORK - Destiny's Child, Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson, Hillary Duff, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Venessa Carlton, Kelly Clarkson, JoJo and many more of America's finest music icons were jamming it up Friday evening at Madison Square Garden in New York , celebrating the holiday season with the annual Z100's Jingle Ball concert.

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    San Francisco Bay Guardian - Dec 14 5:41 PM
    LIKE PAYOLA, product can be just the sort of term that high-rolling music industry insiders use and pretend doesn't matter, and that indie stalwarts revolt against. Just look at Ashlee Simpson.

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    Teen Music - Dec 10 10:05 AM
    Pop rocker Ashlee Simpson snubbed Saturday Night Live producers' offer to perform on the hit show again, after her October lip-synching scandal. Simpson, 20, was mortified when a guide track she was using started without her and led to her dashing from the live show's stage in tears of embarrassment.

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    Net Music Countdown - Dec 14 10:06 PM
    NEW YORK, NY Wednesday Dec.15.2004 / -- TV talk show host Regis Philbin will fill in as host of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2005," which will air on ABC, Friday, December 31st. Ashlee Simpson will host west coast portions of the show.

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    Contactmusic - Dec 10 9:24 AM
    Pop rocker ASHLEE SIMPSON snubbed SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL) producers' offer to perform on the hit show again, after her October (04) lip-synching scandal.

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    Kansas City Star - Dec 18 12:08 AM
    Spring Hill: Jason Murphy 14, Cory Adair 1, Bryan Bollig 4, Kyle Pope 0, Troy Goff 5, Evan Nichols 8, Cole Henkle 3, Dustin Smith 14, Ben Farmer 1, Aaron Whitesell 2. Totals 17 15-25 52.

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    At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not a mean person, but frankly ashlee "You F***** Suck". Oh my god your horrible. Quit trying to be you sister. You can pull that "I'm not trying to be like my sister, My music is different" because its true. As matter a fact it is different cause its not music. What the hell is wrong with you. Go to american idol and see what simon says about you. My god child, please quit wearing gay clothes that you think make you look cool. You looked so ridiculous on the orange bowl it was guranteed you were gonna suck just by looking at you. Take a hint, your album got bad reviews by every music magazine or anything related to music. You know you suck so give up, quit and don't feel bad nobody will miss you. Your sister also needs to sing and quit using that innocent baby talk in her music. Also jessica quit shankin so much when you sing, you look like your about to have a spaz attack. I hope they read tis or someone that knows them does, these are words of wisdom Ashlee, drop singing and get a job, your nothing special.

    At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i think ashlee is the best and she sings way better than you do so just f*** off you little b****!!!

    At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You now what... Ashlee Simpson rocks, okay! All you suck! She was lip-synching because was sick, you morons! And so what, she didn't do so well at the orange bowl, it's jst one stupid show! And her clothes are awesome! I dress exactly like her because I love her style and everybody says i look great... EVERYBODY! And to that moron who said that her album got bad reviews... open your eyes GAYWADE! It went platinum! So don't put her down because she was sick on SNL or she didn't do so well at the Orange Bowl.. She's a lot cooler than you so shove it!

    At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I just wanted to give that moron who said that Jessica Simpson shakes to much when she sings- That's how she sings you gaywade! I bet she's a lot better than you! Actually I know she's a lot better than you. And I just wanted to give people who are putting ashlee and Jess down a reality check- Your putting them bown because your 1. Gay and 2. Insecure with yourselves! So just SHUT UP because i can gauruntee you knows listening!!!!!

    At 12:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    haloo? r u pple tone deaf or sumthn? ashlee can sing god damn good n u dare tok abt her...fuck ya all...she is da bestest singer of all time...and i dun give a shit of wad u all sae!
    guys, try goin out dere n u wun even get onto a fuckin stage juz shows tat u pple are juz plain jealous n RETARDED!
    so wad if she lip sang at SNL??so wad if she makes hilarious jokes all da time??tats wad life is abt
    for pple lyk us, we cant even get to da stage ashlee is in now...she has got a lot of freakin talent up dere
    so fuck off those who boo her.u bitches!


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